God exists.  I can prove it, and will do here.Homer & God

God is truth.  Do you believe truth exists?  If you do, then you believe God exists, because God and truth are one and the same.

Maybe you believe that truth doesn’t exist.  Still, you’re asserting it to be true that truth doesn’t really exist.  So you can’t really escape truth, as you assert it.  Truth is always there, even when you assert it isn’t.

To me, God exists because truth exists.  Any way you spin it, truth – or God – is as ever-present and inescapable as gravity.  It’s fleeting, and flexible, but it’s here.

So anytime you hear a self-proclaimed atheist act or speak in any way that suggests truth exists, you’re actually witnessing an expressed belief in God, even if his truth is simply that he’s hungry, and that’s why he’s scarfing down pizza.  If you aren’t an adherent to a major religion, you’re almost certainly then an agnostic, not an atheist.

So what is true?

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